Steve's Green Gardens


Lawn Care

Elevate your outdoor space with our comprehensive lawn care services. From precision mowing to expert edging and fertilisation, we ensure a healthy, lush green carpet that sets the stage for your flourishing garden.

Custom Garden Design

Immerse yourself in the art of personalised outdoor living with our custom garden design service. Our team blends aesthetics and functionality to create a unique sanctuary tailored to your vision and style.

Planting Services

Enhance your garden’s beauty with our expert planting services. From seasonal plantings to flower beds, shrubs, and tree installations, our skilled team adds vibrant layers to your outdoor haven.


Transform your outdoor environment with our professional landscaping services. Our team specialises in creating visually chic landscapes that harmonise with your space, elevating the overall aesthetics of your property.

Irrigation Systems

Promote water conservation and ensure plant health with our efficient irrigation systems. Our installations and maintenance services are designed to keep your garden thriving while minimising environmental impact.

Rooftop Gardens

Maximise your space and bring nature to new heights with our rooftop garden design and installation services. Experience an urban oasis tailored to your style, providing green serenity above the cityscape.

Edible Landscapes

Integrate edible plants and herbs into your garden with our specialised service. From planting to nurturing, we bring the joy of homegrown flavors to your outdoor space, creating both a beautiful and functional landscape.